Maharana Sangram Singh Enjoys the Monsoon with Female Companions - Rajasthan Early 18th Century

An illustration of the rainy season, depicting Maharana Sangram Singh of Mewar as the romantic hero. The King is walking with the queen to his palace. Three maids are following them, two of them are fanning them with peacock feather fans, the third one is carrying an umbrella. One maid is waiting near a bed decorated with flowers and garlands. In the sky, monsoon rages with lightning. In the background, Kama (the Indian Cupid) and his wife Rati are sitting in the bushes. The king is also shown on the terrace with the queen, follwed by two maids. In the foreground outside the palace walls, a group of courtiers wait for the king with his saddled horse.

Medium: Opaque watercolor on paper
Source: Museum of Fine Arts Boston (