Gosain Damodar in martial pose riding a horse - Mewar, c.mid-19th century

The inscription reads gusai ji damodar ji ki chhabi chhey (image of Gosain Damodar). Damodar Gosainis a famous historical figure and a hero but not in the martial sense. He is said to have been instrumental during the year 1670 in rescuing the image of Shri Nathji from the threat of Aurangzeb's iconoclasm by removing it to a safe place. Eventually their destination became Udaipur, although when the bullock cart in which the idol was concealed eventually became entrenched in deep mud with all efforts failing to free it. This was taken as a signal that this was the spot chosen by Shri Nathji as his new abode, with the result being the building of Nathdwara temple.

Medium: Opaque watercolour with silver (tin) and gold on wasli
Source: indianminiaturepaintings.co.uk