Nude Study by Hemen Mazumder

Hemen Mazumder (1894 - 1948) Born in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. In 1911 Decorated the gates to welcome King George V, on his visit to India. In 1919 Founded, Indian Academy of Fine Art, along with Jogeshchandra Seal, Jamini Roy, Bhabani Charan Law and Atul Bose, Calcutta. In 1931 Maharaja of Kashmir invited him to live and paint in Kashmir. 1932-38 Court Artist of Maharaja of Patiala. Published the journal, Shilpi, which was co-published by A.C. Mukhopadhyay. Indian Academy of Fine Art published an album, Indian Masters, where some of his paintings were published. Painted, Cure of all Ills, during his illness, depicting Mahatma Gandhi spinning thread.