The interior of the Arsenal, Fort William, Calcutta (Kolkata) by William Prinsep - 1835

Pencil and ink drawing of the interior of the Arsenal in Fort William at Calcutta by William Prinsep (1794-1874) dating from the 1830s. This view shows rifles stacked in three-tiered rows. The new Fort William was constructed as a result of the damaging attack on the original fort by the forces of Siraj-ud-Daulah the Nawab of Bengal in 1757. It was situated to the south of the city in Gobindpore and designed by John Brohier. The structure is polygonal in form and has extensive defences including bastions, earthworks and a moat. The area surrounding the fort, known as the Maidan, was cleared to provide an unrestricted line of fire.

source: British Library (